Today I consider myself a front-end developer, but I wan't always one. I have a formal education in design & advertising, but my desire to turn ideas into reality led me down the software development rabbit hole. I've worked for advertising agencies, startups, non-profits and clients world-wide. I'm from Toronto, but I'm currently based in Warsaw Poland where I live with my wife and daughter.

In my work I try to blend my development expertise with my design experience. As a developer I believe in working closely with designers throughout the product-development process, and in my experience the best results have been achieved through research & collaboration, not ivory tower visioneering (in this regard I think design has a lot to learn from open-source software).

I'm currently a UX Engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation, where I work on improving one of the world's largest sources of information, Wikipedia.

Technical Expertise

I've worked with numerous technology stacks over the years, from Ruby on Rails to Node to PHP, as well as the major Javascript frameworks like React and Angular (v1), but frameworks come and go, so I prefer to focus my learning on core javascript principles (and there's plenty to learn in ES6/2015/17...etc). In my free time I'm currently dabbling with Vue.js and Wikidata.

Selected Work